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Every major city in the world has a zoo it seems, and Wellington is no exception. It was one of the places in Wellington that we visited in New Zealand in 2002. To see if it had changed at all, and to see some animals we went again. Not much had changed in the intervening years, although they had installed a kind of underground Kiwi house. Below you can see some pictures from our visit.

A Kaka at the zoo. There were a few of these there, but I wonder why they don't release them into Karori sanctuary?
We arrived at the Giraffes just in time for feeding. Jenny fed the giraffes with some leafy branches.       Alo!
Kiss my stripey, leathery ass! Jenny couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture of a Zebra's backside. How bizarre!
Didn't want to get too close to this chap. What if he'd pecked like Rod Hull's emu? It wasn't worth the risk in my opinion! What you lookin at?

After about an hour at the zoo, the wind really started to kick up towards gale force and we headed home. Fortunately, by that time we'd completed almost a full loop.