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This page shows pictures of the various people who've come to stay with us in NZ. We hope they won't mind that we've put a few pictures of them in here, but if you want anything removed, just let me know!

This picture is of Jenny and two of her friends, Kate and Laura. Actually, I had met Kate before at a PwC Christmas dinner somewhat bizarrely. Although this is the first photo, they were not our first visitors. Ian Singleton's parents were passing through Wellington whilst travelling round New Zealand and they popped in for a cup of tea and a chat.
This is a picture of Sue and Andy who I used to work with. They're currently doing the big travel and have been sailing for a significant distance and then went to Australia and had some interesting experiences. They stayed with us for 2 nights at the start of March before heading off to Auckland to catch a flight to South East Asia.
This photo also includes Sue and Andy (as well as myself). This was taken at the Bristol Hotel (confusingly, just a pub!) on Cuba Street in Wellington. We'd just finished watching England get soundly beaten by New Zealand in the Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s.
This is an 'action shot' showing Andy sizing up his next shot in a game of Doubles Pool. I'd like to say that Jenny and I won.... We didn't.