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This page is a record of our trip to the island in Wellington Harbour. This involved catching the Dominion Post Ferry from Queen's Wharf in Wellington over to the Island. Once we got there, we found that most of the island was closed due to asbestos in the Visitor Centre. The island has an interesting history. It is sacred to the Maori who call it Matiu Island. The European name is Somes Island. During World War 2, the threat of Japanese attack was high enough for an anti-aircraft gun to be placed here. Before that, the island was used as quarantine for ill passengers arriving in Wellington by boat. Since the 1980s, the Island has become a nature reserve thanks to all the rats being wiped out by the Department of Conservation.

This is a view of Queen's Wharf prior to our departure across to the Island.
This is a photo back towards Wellington Docks from the rear of the Dominion Post Ferry.
This is a view from the top of the island, the hills of Roseneath can just about be seen in the background.
Hmmm. Yes, well, this was a rather large cricket we found on the island. The length of the abdomen was between 2 and 3 inches, so obviously a bit larger than we'd get in the UK then!!!
This is from the other end of the island. In the far distance, Wellington City Centre lays. Days Bay is located round the Harbour towards the right, slightly off the edge of this photo

After the island, we took the ferry over to the beach at Days Bay. The locals were diving off the end of the Jetty. Often in very close proximity. I'm sure this practise would have been banned in the UK by now! There we had lunch before returning to the City.

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