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This page is a record of a trip to the One Love Music Festival, held at the Hataitai Velodrome in Wellington on 6th February 2006. The festival is held annually to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday, and as a result, the music played is generally reggae, ska and roots. The main act on show were the Black Seeds; a local Wellington act who play the festival every year. The experience was quite bizarre. The first odd thing was the trip to the Velodrome. We walked through the Mount Victoria tunnel, which is frequented at all hours by traffic. The odd thing about this is that most cars through the tunnel insist on honking their horns as much as possible through it. Whilst walking the few hundred metres of the tunnel, this makes for a horrible cacophony as the car horns echo throughout the tunnel. The location of the festival in an old concrete outdoor velodrome was also unusual. There must have been a couple of thousand people at the festival, and there were a good selection of food and drink stalls. The final oddity about this festival is that it started at noon, but was over at 6pm!!

This first picture shows a view of the stage from the middle of the crowd. As you can see, it was quite a popular event. You can just about see the band, Black Seeds on the stage.
A second picture of the same band from the same location, but about half an hour later. The guy standing by the coloured pillar on the left of the stage was filming the band. Look out for a live DVD from the band before long!!
A few down towards the velodrome as we were leaving. We were quite tired after the walk around the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in the morning, and the walk to the festival, so we left about half an hour before the end
A second view of the velodrome. You can just about see the concrete velodrome track down the centre of the photo. Below this line, the centre of the velodrome is packed, but you can also see that there are a significant amount of people standing and sitting around the exterior of the velodrome track.

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