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This page shows views of the different places we've lived in New Zealand. The first few photos are of the flat on the Terrace where we first stayed, courtesy of Jenny's boss. In fact, we were going to be staying here, until Jenny's boss changed his mind and threw us out. We have since moved onto Willis Street which is still pretty much in the city centre.

This is a view up the Terrace into the residential districts. The large building on the left of the picture is Night and Day House which seems to be largely empty. The tower block in the middle is a block of flats.
This is a view down the Terrace towards the CBD of Wellington. The first building is Radio New Zealand House, the second is the James Cook Hotel where the players for the International Rugby 7s are currently staying.
This picture is of the lounge of the apartment on the Terrace. It is clear from this how open plan the flat was, and the extent of the views that could be seen.
The kitchen of the apartment on the Terrace. Obviously, this was just before vacating which can be determined from the cleanliness of the area.
A view up the Terrace during the day. An interesting companion to the night time view shown in the first picture
In the words of Barney (if you don't know Barney, don't ask!!), "I love Air Fans", but that's not why this picture was taken. This is the view down the Terrace to match up with the night time view in picture 2.
This is the dining part of the lounge also taking in some of the kitchen. It was a nice, big area to live in to be honest.
This is the first photo of our current apartment. This is on the 10th floor of a tower block on Willis Street. The views from the windows are fabulous and we can see the harbour and the greenery of the town belt. The lounge itself is a lot smaller than the one of the old apartment on the Terrace.
This is a pretty impressive picture in my opinion. This is a view from the window in the lounge of our new flat on a particularly wet day. Although it isn't the best angle (looking Southwards you can see the greenery and hills of the suburb of Mount Victoria), it does give a very good view of a rainbow over the city centre.

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