Jenny and Andy in New Zealand
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This page serves as a listing of updates to the site, and when they were made

Latest Update: 7th August 2016: A few little tidy-ups of older pages that had been missed out on the 20th July 2013 update.

4th August 2016: It has been an incredibly long time since an update. 3 years! Where's it all gone? I've finally made some updates. See some pictures and a journal of when I went rafting on the Franklin River, some other reviews of white water rafting which I've been meaning to assemble for ages and some stuff from when we went to the East Cape in 2014.

20th July 2013: Just a little bit of a tidy up of some of the older pages today. The trip round Australia back in 2006/7 has been tidied up to match the rest of the site, as has the trip round the South Island - "Two Weeks in a Leaky Van". Everything should at least be consistent now.

19th July 2013: And I think that might be all of the updates I've got for you now. Here's another short trip - a Weekend in Dunedin.

18th July 2013: Yet another update. Nearly everything is up to date now, but there's still more to come. Added today are some pictures from a trip to Dunedin, Wanaka and Central Otago.

15th July 2013: A smaller update to show some pictures from two Test cricket series - firstly New Zealand played Zimbabwe in Napier and then from Wellington as they faced down the South Africans.

14th July 2013: Another update today. This time with some pictures of the Test cricket in the summer just gone when New Zealand took on the touring England team. We've also added a new guestbook system after Lycos (remember them?) stopped supporting the old HTML Gear version. A shame we've lost all previous comments posted, so please make sure to comment using the guestbook.

13th July 2013: The updates just keep on coming. Plenty of photos of this trip which was a relatively short stop over in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Also updated the Cricket Index and the Rugby Index.

11th July 2013: You're kidding me? Another update?!? Surely not! But yes, it's true. This is from 2011 when we took a trip to the MacKenzie Country and Mount Cook

9th July 2013: Another update! Hard to keep up with this frenetic pace! This time some photos of our holiday to Samoa.

8th July 2013: Another day, another update. This time to show a few pictures from the NZRB's Cricket Tour to Sydney - 2013 edition.

7th July 2013: The updates continue with a section for a trip we made back in October 2012 to Nelson, Collingwood & Kahurangi National Park.

6th July 2013: A huge gap since the last update, but we've added some content for the 2013 Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey. I've also tidied up a number of older pages on which photos were poorly aligned, so it should make the site a bit easier to read overall. Another large update will be coming soon featuring some stuff from Samoa, Sydney and the South. And it won't all be about Kea, for once!

4th March 2012: Another decent sized gap before receiving an update, but we've added some content for the 2012 Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey.

22nd November 2011: A small update for the website with some photos from another trip to St. Arnaud.

22nd January 2011: Again, it's been quite a long time since an update. We've been far too busy with doing work on the house since we bought it and haven't been getting out and about quite so much. However, here's an update on Andy joining in with the 2011 Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey.

8th August 2010: It's been a while since the last update, and this is just a small one. Firstly, some pictures from the Whataroa River and secondly some pictures from a cricket match at Pukekura Park between Central Districts & Northern Districts.

29th October 2009: A few updates here. Firstly, the Rugby page has been refreshed. Secondly, have a look at some photos of St. Arnaud and then if you're still left wanting more, then have a look at our Winter 2009 blog which will fill the gaps since the last update.

12th July 2009: An update showing some photos from a trip we made to the Far North of New Zealand.

1st July 2009: Small update to show scorecards for the NZRB's Cricket Tour to Sydney.

21st June 2009: A small update with some pictures of the NZRB's Cricket Tour to Sydney. Also corrected a few small errors and added some of the missing profile pictures to the indoor cricket pages.

16th June 2009: Another update with a decent number of photographs of a trip down to the South Island and Arthur's Pass. If you like Keas, you should find some good photos here.

7th April 2009: A small update made detailing what we've been up to since the New Year. Also updated the cricket page to highlight the victory enjoyed by the Taita 1A Red team in the Hutt Valley leagues.

26th February 2009: A small update detailing a trip we made over New Year down to Christchurch.

30th December 2008: Finally, the last update for now is completed. A detailed run down of a 2nd trip up North, visiting Hamilton, the Coromandel Peninsular and Auckland - taking in three games of provincial rugby along the way. Oh yes, and Happy New Year if you're reading this!

24th December 2008Wrote an update summarising some of the things that we've done in 2008 that didn't get fully featured on one of the pages written this year.

23rd December 2008Added a fair chuck of stuff today. Updated the Cricket section and replaced the index with a Sport page instead. Then added some stuff on Australian Rules Football and the test match at Napier between New Zealand and the West Indies. Finally, updated the page on my cricket misadventures. Still plenty more stuff to add, so keep watching this space.

1st December 2008: Did a small update for the stats for the indoor cricket team. Nothing else yet, but there is some stuff to do soon!

9th October 2008: Finally did an update for our holiday to Vanuatu in September.

23rd July 2008: Updated the statistics and some profiles for the TAB Indoor Cricket team.

19th July 2008: Added a number of photos for our 3 day canoeing trip along the Whanganui River.

25th June 2008: Finally posted and uploaded some stuff on the cricket tour to Brisbane. Have a look at the tour diary menu for more details.

21st March 2008: Updated some of the Brisbane profiles. Also added sections on Toast Martinborough and The Golden Shears and some pictures of Cricket test between NZ and England and NZ and Bangladesh.

11th March 2008: Added a new mini-site for the NZRB Cricket Tour to Brisbane and updated some of the indoor cricket statistics.

24th October 2007: Updated and refreshed some of the sub-indexes.

17th October 2007: Updated the Indoor Cricket pages to include Team Records. Also links to online interviews. Fixed a few small bugs and errors.

14th October 2007: Another update, letting you know what we've been up to for the last two months. Also some pictures from a trip to Hamilton and the Coromandel Peninsular.

18th September 2007: Added some new content to keep a record of the TAB Indoor Cricket team.

18th June 2007: A new Blogs section added to, linked from the home page to allow me to put up some content and photographs summing up what we've been up to over Autumn and Winter. Also finally decommissioned the old Angelfire site.

6th February 2007: Another huge amount of content added. Mainly to do with our holiday in Australia but also some pictures of a Wellington cricket match at the Basin, some new funny signs, some pictures relating to a day out at Nga Manu Nature Reserve and also a new and improved front page! Enjoy!

14th November 2006: Added a huge raft of new content regarding our two week holiday in the South Island.

1st October 2006: Added some pictures of our New House in Petone, The Tough Guy & Gal Challenge in Rotorua and the Rimutaka Forest Park. Also added some sub-indexes for those who cannot use the active scripts.

13th July 2006: Added a vast amount of content for (i) A weekend away in Napier and Hawke's Bay (ii) A visit to Auckland (iii) Tiritiri Matangi and some more amusing signs.

6th May 2006: Added a lot of content for (i) The Tongariro Crossing (ii) Kayaking in Mangaweka (iii) Rugby (iv) Amusing Signs. Also changed the font.

25th March 2006: Some factual errors corrected, additional pages regarding 'visitors' and some photos of our new flat added.

6th February 2006: Pages added regarding visits to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and the One Love Music Festival.

30th January 2006: Site launched with pages on The Leaving Do, The Flat in Wellington, Matiu/Somes and Cricket.