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This page serves to show some of the signage highlights of New Zealand. Every place has some amusing signs, and New Zealand is no exception.
Can I have a return ticket to Euston and a McChicken Sandwich please? Well. Just what is this all about, eh? Is it a train or a cafe? Is it warning us that there's a buffet car up ahead? I just don't know what to make of the train + cafe warning. Any ideas?
Here's another good'un - though this is presumably a non-standard road sign, not guaranteed by NZ Transit. WOOOSH! That plane might take your head off
Hot Bees! Bees from the Trees! Hot Beer... Mmmmmm! How Queer! There's many reasons to think this is a bit odd. Firstly, a warning sign about bees is a little odd, but to highlight the fact they're live?!? Would there still be a warning if they were all dead? WARNING! Dead Bees!
This is the longest place name in the world. This is significantly longer than LlanfairP on Anglesey in Wales. The name, which reads:


means "The Hill on Which Tamatea, the Chief of Great Physical Stature and Renown Played a Lament on his Flute to the Memory of his Brother". Riiight. Great idea, lets name every place after exactly what we do there. New names for your toilet can be sent on a postcard to: Behind the Hot Water Pipes, 3rd Cubicle, Men's Toilets, Waterloo Station, London
Try spelling that when you're drunk

How's about a few entries from the Australians?

No, 'Shared Footway' is not the amusing part to this sign, and if you don't think 'Think Ahead... Think Helmet!' is funny, then you are either Brian Sewell and/or you need a sense of humour transplant.
Well, this sign looks like a sketch from a 60s comedy show. I can imagine these characters chasing Benny Hill or Dick Emery around. And just what constitutes 'High Pedestrian Activity'. Surely that's a bit of an oxymoron?
MODNAR! MOOODNNNAAAARRRR! Randomly placed. A random sign... What can one say about this one other than the single word "Random"?
Stickmen falling over. A staple ingredient of all amusing signs. I also have to highlight the attention to detail as the sign artist has placed a nice Infant School style tree on the dockside. Gahhhhh! Disembodied heads!