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This page tells the story of our final few days in the UK, and our last night in our home for the previous 3 and a half years, Ringwood. I hope that for those who were there, this reminds you of the evening and for those of you who were unable to come, this gives you a brief picture of what turned out to be a very amusing evening!

All events pictured happened on the evening of the 7th January 2006 at a Public House in the Market Town of Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest. The Pub is called "The ORIGINAL White Hart". For those of you who are confused, this means they were the first pub in the land to extend their welcome to chavs and nogoodniks. Not to be confused with the PLAGIARIST White Hart in Brentwood, Essex that copied the ORIGINAL White Hart's blueprint for welcoming Chavs.

There don't seem to be many pictures from the beginning of the evening. This shows, from left to right, Scott 'The Prof' Parsons, Pete 'Quiche' Asher and Neil 'con Carne' Coles. I think its important to note the nearest thing to a smile you are likely to see on Scott. Drew Mellor lurks in the background talking to JD. Liza, Camille and Clare talk amongst themselves. Pete shows little knowledge of the Quiche incident which will engulf him later on in the evening
In this picture, we can see Natalie Thomas and Owen Thomas (not related) posing for the camera. If you happen to think they are related, I'm afraid you are mistaken
I have to say, I look somewhat inebriated in this pic. Dave Clapp looks either disgusted or shocked, whilst Natalie looks on with interest. I have no idea what this conversation is about. Anyway, cheers to Dave for purchasing me a pint of Ringwood bitter. Also, cheers to Dave for being the only person from my work willing to venture out of Southampton to Ringwood on a regular basis to play pool at the Legends Pool Club. This one's for you Dave, "SALAD KEBAB!". If you don't know, then Dave is in a band called My Mantra
A good group picture this one. From left to right, you can see Ian 'Sausage' Ridpath. Probably thinking about skydiving, but I'll just make it known that he managed to avoid talking about skydiving for most of the evening. Next to him is the Quiche Legend, then Neil Coles, Scott Parsons and Ian Singleton. Scott is looking fairly animated at this point. Sausage looks somewhat concerned. The cause of his concern will become clear fairly soon!
And here is the reason for Sausage's concern. Pete has obviously mistaken Sausage for a slice of Quiche. You might think that this is unusual behaviour from Mr. Asher, but if you are thinking that then you don't really know him too well. In fact, this could be seen as normal behaviour from Pete!
Thanks also to Jenny's friends for turning up. From the left, there's Camille Pollinger, Liza Ozdamar, Jenny herself and Clare Armstrong. They managed to successfully avoid Andy's friends until the Aftermath of the party. At that point, they probably wished that they'd been able to avoid them for even longer

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