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This page marks the event known in folklore as The Quiche Incident. For those of you not in the know, the Quiche Incident arose from the fact that of the food provided by the ORIGINAL White Hart, a large proportion seemed to be Quiche of a wholly mankey variety. No one dared touch it. However, in the time honoured tradition of the Pringles Challenge or the Chip Challenge of 2005, Pete Asher took up the dare of 'downing' a slice of Quiche. He was far from happy at his first attempt (it went down only to come back up again). The crowd were unhappy with his second attempt which failed to finish off the crust, so the foolhardy Pete tried one more time...

All events pictured happened on the evening of the 7th January 2006 at the Original White Hart public house in the Market Town of Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest.

This shows the foolish Pete, post challenge. Trying to keep the Quiche down. This would make a very good 'What Happened Next'. I'm sure you can guess that Neil Coles, pictured on the right soon vacated as the Quiche exacted its revenge on Pete.
Post Quiche, Pete tries to remove the taste of twice masticated Quiche.
The final picture in this section shows Jenny attempting to demonstrate to Pete the best method of attempting the Quiche Challenge. Anyway, the final score of the Quiche Challenge was Quiche 3 - 0 Pete Asher. The Bookies' favourite completed a convincing win.

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