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This selection of pictures shows what happened after the party, back at the flat in Euston Grove. The people who stayed the night included Sam Tazzyman, Pete Asher, Neil Coles and Scott Parsons. Unfortunately, no photos were taken of the Giving It All Away Sale of the Century which occurred the next morning. No one seemed to want the Pineapple Chunks. However, Ian Singleton must have won the award for most items gained. The ironing board must have been a real bargain! Some questions remain: Has Scott eaten his Jelly? Has Pete used the Popcorn Maker? Did Sam make it home with the alcohol?

Now this picture shows the two different methods of trying to cope with a group of drunken men talking a load of rubbish about stuff that doesn't matter or even exist! Camille on the right tries the 'Ignore' method. The official response to this method is to increase the conversation volume. Clare on the left tries the second prescribed method, that being a look of confusion and bemusement. I can't even remember exactly what the conversation the lads were having was. I'll try and ask Sam Tazzyman.
This picture shows the only successful method of dealing with a group of drunken men talking rubbish. The distraction technique. As Pete has fallen asleep in this picture, yet everyone else remains awake, the game which has befallen the person who falls asleep first since time immemorial, Human Buckaroo is played. Colesy is attempting a high tariff manoever of Salsa Jar in Knee Pit. Other successful moves appear to have been. Cushion balanced on prone and ticklish feet (very high tariff), Notice Board with Pins Laid on the Back (again high tariff) and Wash Bag on Back (low tariff). The most difficult successful move appears to have been the Tissues on the Head.
Colesy completes the Salsa Jar in Knee Pit move. The most disturbing thing is that between picture 1 and picture 2, during which Colesy has placed the item in the Knee Pit, Pete seems to be enjoying the sensation, judging by his grin!

Update: Having asked Sam Tazzyman about the content of the random discussion which disturbed the neutral spectator. It seems the conversation surrounded whether or not Ghostbusters 3, without Bill Murray was a good idea or not, and rapidly moved on from there. Sam explains thusly, "Scott was attempting to explain to us how Pete Venkman from Ghostbusters was played by Bill Murray and Lorenzo Music was played by Ben Stiller. Or something. I can't remember the names of the other people we discussed, mind you, but I'm not sure whether or not they existed. One of them was Mikey Holding's nephew or something."

All I can say is, who is Lorenzo Music?

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