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Ross Goldsmith
New Zealand

Full name: Ross Goldsmith
Nickname: Rossco
Home Town: Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ
Current age: 25
Major teams: TAB
Batting style: Right-hand bat
Bowling style: Right-arm medium, Right-arm orthodox off-spin
Cricketing Hero: Phil Tufnell
Song that fires him up: Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Mat Runs Balls RPB 6s Ave Outs +25
Indoor 20 459 259 1.77 14 30.60 15 8
Mat Inn NO HS Runs Ave Ccs +50
Outdoor 0 - - - - - - -
Mat Ovs Runs Wkts ROs RPB Ave SR -Conc 5w
Indoor 20 44 255 23 19 0.73 9.78 13.39 4 0
Mat Ovs Mds Runs Wkts Ave SR ER Best 5w
Outdoor 0 - - - - - - - - -

Ross Goldsmith was a chilled out entertainer in the true style of some of the all time greats... Viv Richards, Sir Richard Hadlee, Sir Don Bradman, Bruce Edgar, Shayne O'Connor, Hamish Marshall, Jeff Wilson. They're all cricketers that have contributed a little something to the Legend that is Ross Goldsmith.

It's said that someone once saw Ross decapitate a possum with just a stare. He can also prove calculus from first principles without the use of pen, paper or watchin early 70s editions of maths programmes published by the Open University. In short, Ross is a Renaissance Man.

Ross had all the skills that a cricketer needs to possess. A sturdy grip on his ball allowed him to pelt it down with an astonishing turn that made grown batsmen weep. With the bat in hand, he caressed the ball to all parts of the netting. With cigarette in mouth and pint in hand, he looked like the very embodiment of cricket so personnified by W.G.Grace.

Ross. Wherever you are, the TAB cricket team salutes you!

Andrew Newman August 2007