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Murray Munro
New Zealand

Full name: Murray Munro
Nickname: Muz, Muzza, Muzwell
Home Town: Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, NZ
Current age: 26
Major teams: TAB
Batting style: Right-hand bat
Bowling style: As slow as physically possible
Cricketing Hero: Chris Pringle and Steve Hunt - impossible to seperate!
Song that fires him up: My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Mat Runs Balls RPB 6s Ave Outs +25
Indoor 40 680 497 1.37 8 24.29 28 4
Mat Inn NO HS Runs Ave Ccs +50
Outdoor 1 1 0 8 8 8.00 0 0
Mat Ovs Runs Wkts ROs RPB Ave SR -Conc 5w
Indoor 40 81 586 32 30 1.03 18.31 17.72 3 0
Mat Ovs Mds Runs Wkts Ave SR ER Best 5w
Outdoor 1 0 - - - - - - - -

Murray Munro has been a late comer to the TAB Indoor Team and has provided a light-hearted breath of fresh air. Murray took the award for Best Bowler in his first season for the TAB. Murray bamboozled batsmen over and over again with the combination of medium pacers and flighted leg-spinners. Murray's batting style has left him with one ambition in life; that is to score a six in a competitive game. This is an ambition he shares with Michael Monaghan who Murray would like to see contribute with more attacking play. Apparently.

Outside of cricket, Murray has some other ambitions. His first aim was to move to the big City and escape from smalltown New Zealand. In the meantime, he'll base himself in Wellington. His second aim is to see Celine Dion live in concert. He's been saving up for the last three years in order to purchase tickets for Ms. Dion's next 'gig'. It seems unlikely that she'll be touring New Zealand soon, so Murray will either need to save up for tickets to Canada, or go for the cheaper option of watching Brooke Fraser instead.

Murray thinks he may be related to the World's Fastest Indian's designer, Bert Munro. As a result, Murray believes he has inherited Burt's skill at designing and building exceptionally quick machines. Murray has so far spent 6 years building the World's Fastest Wheelchair. Unfortunately, Murray is lacking a wheelchair in which to mount the jet engine that he purchased from the Rolls Royce company.

Andrew Newman August 2007