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Michael Monaghan
New Zealand

Full name: Michael Monaghan
Nickname: Monnas
Home Town: Mosgiel, Otago, NZ
Current age: Over 20, Under 80
Major teams: TAB
Batting style: Right-hand bat
Bowling style: Right-arm leg-spin
Other: Wicket Keeper
Cricketing Hero: Mark Richardson
Song that fires him up: Down Under - Men At Work

Mat Runs Balls RPB 6s Ave Outs +25
Indoor 15 246 162 1.52 0 82.00 3 0
Mat Inn NO HS Runs Ave Ccs +50
Outdoor 1 58 0 58 58 58.00 1 1
Mat Ovs Runs Wkts ROs RPB Ave SR -Conc 5w
Indoor 15 30 122 22 10 0.58 5.55 9.55 5 0
Mat Ovs Mds Runs Wkts Ave SR ER Best 5w
Outdoor 1 - - - - - - - - -

Michael Monaghan is a man of few words. As a result, he plays his cards very close to his chest, and other than his embarrassing, but continuing support for the Otago Rugby team and the local Highlanders franchise, there's not much that can really be said about him. He did once tell me that he's played against Mark Richardson, and he certainly seems to have learned one or two things from him. Indoor cricket has forced Michael to play a few more shots than usual, but he's still waiting for that all important first indoor six for the TAB. One day Michael, one day!

Michael has a real desire to play at the top tier in any sport he competes in; if you don't give 100% and if the opposition aren't up to scratch, then Michael will be sure to let you know. We expect to see less of Michael until we're either in the top division, competing in the nationals or if there's a chance of his playing for the TAB leading to a call up for New Zealand. If any of this happens, Michael will be back in the thick of it.

Andrew Newman August 2007