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Blair Nicholson

New Zealand

Full name: Blair Nicholson
Nickname: Ozzy, Navman, Cheesecake
Home Town: Wellington, NZ
Current age: No longer eligible for NZ U-21
Major teams: NZRB, The Pinnacle
Batting style: Right-hand Indoor
Bowling style: Right-arm medium / WTF Slow Right-arm
Cricketing Hero: Mark Richardson - Long Live the Floppy!
Song that fires him up: Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen

Mat Runs Balls RPB 6s Ave Outs +25
Indoor 32 387 383 1.01 0 20.37 19 0
Outdoor - - - - - - - -
Mat Ovs Runs Wkts ROs RPB Ave WpB -Conc 5w
Indoor 32 64 252 41 23 0.56 6.15 10.93 4 0
Outdoor - - - - - - - - - -

Ozzy is an indoor cricket specialist. He has the full range of indoor cricket shots and fielding methods. Quite often, you'll see Ozzy facing the wrong way in the field, waiting (or maybe hoping) for the ball to ricochet off a non-existant net and give him a catching opportunity. Once the ball runs past him, his hand will be raised to inform one of his team mates that the ball needs to be fielded. Ozzy is so adept at this method that he has been given an honorary degree in Semaphore by Victoria University. This creates much confusion for both fielders and batsmen when Ozzy starts signalling to fielders about where they should be moving to.

The reason for his nickname is due to that Rock 'n' Roll hero, Ozzy Osbourne. Back in the mists of time, Osbourne supposedly tore the head off a bat (the mammal, not the object) with his teeth. The NZRB's own Ozzy got his nickname from the fact that he once tore the handle of his bat (the object, not the mammal) off the blade with his teeth. He does have jaws as strong as a vice, but the name stuck and has been with him ever since.

Andrew Newman March 2008