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This page is for one of our more masochistic trips. This is a trip we took up to the City of Rotorua - about 6 to 7 hours away from Wellington. We were going to Rotorua to do a 10k run. But not just any 10k run, this was the Tough Guy and Gal challenge - basically a 10k run over an obstacle course - including running through a bog (at times up to neck deep), crawling under barbed wire, walking across a wire bridge, running up a 2 in 1 slops with the aid of ropes. It was tough. Andy was doing well for the first lap, but on the second lap, smashed his knee against either a rock or lump of concrete in the swamp and did some damage to the knee, making it difficult to run for the rest of the race. Jenny also did well, especially on the tyre run - utilising an excellent technique. We both finished in the end, somewhat worse for wear.

Keeeehhaaaaaaaaarrrr This is a photo taken on the way to Rotorua. Taken from the Desert Road between Waiouru and Turangi. This is the famous mountain, Mount Ruapehu - the tallest mountain in the North Island, an active volcano and the North Island's biggest ski field.
Jenny before the run - in preparation for the activity ahead. She looks pretty happy - the course would soon wipe that smile off her face! She is a model on a ma-ga-zine
Tranz-Europa-Xpress And Andy before the run. He looks a bit more pensive than Jen, but they'd both go on to complete the course but wouldn't be setting any records.
This is a view of a small portion of the Bog that we had to run through. This was before a couple of thousand people had run through it, so it got much worse. Arghh! The Bog of Eternal Stench!
Mud, mud, glorious mud! This is Andy afterwards. He'd taken a disposable waterproof camera round with him to take a few photos. Sure, it was waterproof, but the mud played havoc with the image quality!
This is a place where we relaxed. On the way back from Rotorua, there was a side track off the main route to Kerosine Creek a river running with warm water. We didn't stay for too long, as despite being off the beaten track and not signposted, it was pretty busy. That's the power of the Babe!