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Sunday 6th June

The bandstand on Napier seafront at night. I think they hold operas and theatrical performances here during the summer.

Morning: Well, we had planned to go for a walk up to Cape Kidnappers. As we couldn't do that, we headed to the local Crazy Golf course right in front of the beach. The weather didn't look too good, but it held out for long enough for me to emerge victorious over Jenny thanks to a couple of well hit holes in one!

After the golf, we headed by car back towards and through Hastings, and the satellite town of Havelock North to Te Mata Park, one of the highest peaks in the area. Just as we arrived to walk around the park it started to rain heavily. Furthermore, even though the forest cover was pretty good at the base of the peak, once we started climbing, the area was very sparsely vegetated and we were battered with wind and rain. I also annoyed Jenny by telling her to look out for Huias (an extinct New Zealand bird). I tried to convince her that blackbirds are Huias. Ah well, it amused me!

Once we got to the top of the peak, the rain eased off for a short time and we were able to get some decent photos of the area.

I've got the key to the door, never been 21 before. A view across one of the valleys towards the start of the Te Mata Peak walk. Can you spot the Huia?
The trig point at the top of Te Mata Peak. Oh yes, and myself. Aren't I handsome. No, actually I'm soaked as it hadn't stopped raining for the couple of hours we'd been walking. No one's ever seen what I seen since the days of n-n-n-n-n-n-THIRTEEN!

After that, we headed back to the car to drive back to Napier. On the way, we stopped off in Havelock North at the Arataki Honey Factory for Jenny to buy some honey. We then stopped in the town itself for lunch before heading to Napier

Campbell Island Duck An art deco landmark in Napier. Like most of the buildings in the city actually.

Back in Napier, we had a mooch around town before heading back to the seafront where we booked into the Ocean Spa to lie back in the warm outdoor pools as the sun went down. Unfortunately, the place was jam packed with kids whose parents didn't seem upset about them running around on slippery concrete screaming their heads off. Not quite as relaxing as we'd hoped!

After the spa, we had dinner at the Steak Out restaurant next to our hotel. They did bloody good steaks, I can tell you! Then it was time to have an evening constitutional along the beach before bed time.

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