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This page is here to show some photos of our second trip out of Wellington, to the town of Mangaweka to do some Kayaking on the Rangitikei River. There aren't too many photos as its hard to kayak and take photos!!!

We started the day off at the Freyburg Pool in Palmerston North for some basic kayaking skills and rescue techniques. These would come in very handy for Andy who would make at least 10 wet exits over the course of the weekend. Not helped by Jenny who rammed him over on one occasion. Also taking the course were a trio of Doctors from Wellington - Kirsty, James and Paul - who were doing the course in order to meet the entry requirements for the 2007 Coast to Coast multi-sport race which involves Kayaking, Cycling and Running from the West to the East coast of the South Island. A tough ask!

This picture shows the shop who'd arranged the trip for us, based on the Rangitikei River in Mangaweka.
This was our accomodation, the lovely Log Cabin. The picture also shows the other members of our party, Kirsty, James and Paul. Good luck to them with the Coast to Coast.
Not quite like Punting on the Thames This is the river we'd rafted down, the photo taken from the bottom of the river after we'd finished our second day of Kayaking on the Sunday.
Another picture of the same river, just looking the other way. Slipped over on the muddy banks a few times, that's for sure! Yes, the river was wet and freezing cold.
Was it a woman driver who parked it? CONTRAVERSIAL! A fine example of Kiwi parking. You should just be able to make out that the car on the right hand side is upside-down
A picture from a lookout point between Hunterville and Feilding (yes F-e-i-l-d-i-n-g). Must have been a Yank who spelt that town name for them!!