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One of the main reasons for our journey overseas to New Zealand was to get to see as much of the country as possible. One of the problems we have encountered is that Wellington is a bit of a dead end - you can only travel in one main direction without getting a boat! Thus, you generally have to travel North to get anywhere. You can travel North up the West Coast, past the sleepy coastal towns of Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Otaki and Levin before you get to the next decent sized settlement, Palmerston North. Generally, Palmy isn't worth stopping in - though we have stopped there a few times. You can also travel up the Eastern side of the North Island by crossing the Rimutaka Hills at Upper Hutt and venturing through the sparsely settled Wairarapa with the pretty towns of Martinborough and Greytown, and the dumps that are Featherston and Masterton. Generally, most destinations that we'd like to go to are beyond Palmerston North, and therefore at least 3 - 4 hours from Wellington. 

However, this hasn't stopped us from seeing the country, as the following pages are testament to:

Tongariro Crossing, Autumn 2006
Mangaweka Kayaking, Autumn 2006
A Weekend Away in Napier and Hawke's Bay, Winter 2006
A Visit to Auckland, Winter 2006
Tiritiri Matangi, Winter 2006
Rotorua Tough Guy & Gal, Spring 2006
Two Weeks in the South Island, Spring 2006
Kapiti Island, Summer 2006/7
Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Spring 2007
A Trip to Hamilton & the Coromandel Peninsular, Spring 2007
Toast Martinborough, Spring 2007
The Golden Shears, Summer 2008
Wanganui River Adventure, Autumn 2008
A Second Trip to Hamilton & the Coromandel Peninsular (and Auckland), Spring 2008
Christchurch, New Year 2008/09
A Trip to Arthur's Pass, Autumn 2009
A Week in Northland, Autumn 2009
A Trip to St. Arnaud, Winter 2009
White Water Rafting on the Whataroa, Summer 2009/10
Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey, Summer 2011
A Second Trip to St. Arnaud, Spring 2011
MacKenzie Country and Mount Cook, Spring 2011
Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey, Summer 2012
Dunedin, Wanaka & Central Otago, Spring 2012
A Trip to Nelson, Collingwood & Kahurangi National Park, Spring 2012
Kea Conservation Trust Summer Survey, Summer 2013
A Weekend in Dunedin, Winter 2013
East Cape, Summer/Autumn 2014
Franklin River Rafting, December 2015

And of course, we're not limited to visiting New Zealand. Whilst down this way, we've managed to tour some of Australia, as you can see by using the links in the main toolbar at the top of the page. We've also managed to escape to the Pacific Islands a couple of times with a holiday to Vanuatu; supposedly the happiest country in the world, and more recently Samoa. We've also stopped in at a few other places on our semi-regular journeys between New Zealand and UK, so there's some links to some of those trips too. I've even put together a review of all the times I've been white water rafting down here, if that floats your boat (excuse the pun).

Vanuatu, Winter 2008
Victoria & Vancouver, Canada, Winter 2012
Samoa, Winter 2013
Melbourne and Tasmania, Summer 2013/14
Rafting Excursions, 2006-2016