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Jenny had to head up to Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city to work for 3 weeks. In that period, I went up to visit for one weekend. During the 2 days I was there, we were kept quite busy. Firstly, we took a boat trip over to the Island of Tiritiri Matangi, about an hour from Auckland by boat. Secondly, on the Sunday, it was Jenny's birthday and so we were to take the opportunity to dine in the Skytower's revolving restaurant. The Skytower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, so the views were pretty spectacular. I'm not a very big fan of Auckland though as it has terrible traffic and air quality for a city of only a million people. From Tiritiri Matangi, you could see an orange tinged haze of smog sitting over Auckland, worse than any problems that I've seen in London.

Captured below are a few of the better pictures we took whilst in Auckland. As you might be able to tell, I'm not a huge fan of Auckland, so I found it difficult to find things that I honestly wanted to photograph, but there's a few!

A panorama type view of Auckland's CBD taken from the boat as we left Auckland harbour to go out to Tiritiri Matangi.
The Skytower sticks out above the Auckland skyline. This is the tallest Southern Hemisphere building, though I think it cheats as the point on top is counted, but is pretty much useless! Typical of Auckland!
After dinner in the Skytower, we had a wander around the viewing gallery. You should just be able to make out Jen, but if you can't, then admire the view. Alo!
Sitting on a tree in Albert Park on Jenny's birthday. A strange tree this, it was still alive but seemed to be completely hollow?
Part of Auckland university. About the only half decent bit of architecture on display in the city! Alo!

And that's about it from Auckland city!

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