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We've finally been to see our first international in New Zealand. The pictures shown are from the First ODI of the series which was played at the Westpac Stadium, normally home to Wellington Hurricanes RFC rather than international cricket.

This picture shows New Zealand batting about half way through their innings. I can't remember who the striker is, but I reckon its Nathan Astle. The fielder in the foreground is definitely Chris Gayle - who turned out to be Jenny's favourite player.
I leave Jenny with the camera for 5 minutes and she takes half a dozen photos of Chris Gayle. This is the best of them. Looks like the ball's just been hit past him for 4 mind. Behind the stumps, Dinesh Ramdin fails to look impressed
This photo's of Daren Ganga who'd later score a decent half century. Sitting behind us were some blokes giving abuse to whoever came to field near us. Ganga was spared the worst of this, but Runako Morton suffered somewhat due to an advert for ant killer in NZ, "More Smart, More Safe, Mortein". Obviously, this was adapted somewhat for Morton's benefit.
Here's Vettori. Despite bowling admirably, he was not spared from abuse either. The highlight was when the abusers shouted at him to dance the tango. Vettori refused to which the abusers shouted, "Why not? We know you've got Italian blood in you!"
This one's Jimmy Franklin. He seemed to be very grumpy. The abusers broke the trend and tried to compliment him by shouting that Wellington [the state he plays for] Rule! Jimmy just shot them a bit of a "Don't mess with me" glance, to which their reply was, "Don't be like that Jimmy!!"

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