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Winter/Spring 2007

So, time has moved on a few more months. It's now October and we've been in New Zealand for 21 months. We have now stayed beyond our original work permit period, and have extended it until August 2008; though we may not stay that long - we're still not entirely sure.

Since the last update in June, we've both been pretty busy with work, but as usual we've managed to find some time to get out of Wellington and go a few places and do a few things. As always we've been trying our best to play as much sport as possible. This hasn't been helped by some quite annoying, niggly injuries sustained by both of us. In the last few months, Andy has had an operation on his knee, which took a good month or so to get over - and which didn't solve the overall problem, and Jenny has suffered a sprained ankle and hurt her knee, head and neck skiing. Despite this, Andy has continued to play indoor cricket in the hope of being fit enough to play outdoor cricket in the summer and Jenny has continued to play Netball and has taken up Tennis for the summer months and has taken part and completed a half marathon, and again competed in the Tough Guy and Gal challenge up in Rotorua.

Jenny in action. Firstly in the Wellington Half Marathon and then in the aftermath of this year's Tough Guy and Gal Challenge with her friend Brooke from work.

In terms of excursions, we've tried to take advantage of some of the sights in the local Wellington area by venturing out to Makara Beach on the West Coast from Wellington and took a walk down to Pencarrow Head at the mouth of Wellington Harbour. We also took a trip over to Somes/Matiu Island for the second time, this time seeing some the parts of the island which had been closed for asbestos removal in the year before.

Some views of our shorter excursions.

Top Left: Makara Village from the headland just South of Makara.
Top Right: A Black Backed Gull perches on a wooden structure on
Somes Island
Left: A view of Wellington from Somes Island.

We've both gone off on slightly more exotic trips, with mates from work. Jenny headed up to Ohakune and the Mount Ruapehu ski fields on the annual Grant Thornton Ski Trip. Other than the knee injury as mentioned above, a lot of fun was had by all. Andy then took a trip up to the Waikato and Coromandel with a mate from his office. You can read all about that trip here

I have to admit that the last few months have been extremely busy at work, giving us little time to get away too much. We both certainly have big plans for the next few months to actually get away a bit further afield and have some proper holiday time. We've been enjoying the benefits of Sky Sports throughout the Winter, allowing us to watch most of this year's English Summer of sport - including some decent amounts of English test and One Day international cricket. Andy has also been watching a lot of this year's Air New Zealand Cup - the New Zealand domestic rugby competition.

Finally for this update, we were lucky enough to have a relatively clear night where we could see a Lunar Eclipse; where the Earth blocks out the light of the Sun from reaching the Moon. This ends up with the Moon looking a ghostly reddish hue, just before total eclipse. Clouds regularly blocked the view, but we were lucky enough to get a couple of decent photos.

My god! Its full of... Stars! The Moon. About fifteen minutes before total Lunar eclipse; the red halo clearly visible.