The Dutch Family Clappid - A Holiday in Australia
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The South Island

How to use the map: Click on the purple spots to be sent to the description of that day of the trip. If you are struggling with the map, try the normal hyperlinks on the right! By hovering over the orange spots on the map, you will see a small description of the link which matches the hyperlink on the right.

With thanks to: Pete Hall and Chantal Rosenhart, Dave 'Daddy Clappid' Clapp and Nat Thomas, Simon from Cricket24/7, Mike from World-a-Team, the Australian cricket team for providing some cricket based entertainment, Ali Allen, Rachael Hayman and Rob Ramsey. Without you, much of this wouldn't have been possible!

  1. 1. Melbourne - 24th to 30th December
  2. 2. Sydney - 30th December to 4th January
  3. 3. Port Stephens - 5th January
  4. 4. Ballina - 6th January
  5. 5. Byron Bay - 7th January
  6. 6. Brisbane - 8th to 10th January